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Inside The Lines CrewBy: Dan Berlin

Welcome to InsideTheLines.ca, the new website for “Inside the Lines, presented by Bet365.net” the premier sports betting radio show in Canada. The program, which airs every Sunday morning from August to May, and is proudly carried over the air in seven major markets across the Great White North, including: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, is now carried worldwide courtesy of the web.

When co-hosts Steve Rapp (@Housemoney44), Pat Williams (@PatWilliamsLV) and Dan Berlin (@Dan_Berlin) aren’t talkin’ football in studio, this is where the magic will happen. InsideTheLines.ca will be your one stop shop for podcasts, videos, blogs and updated lines on NFL and everything else worth laying a few bucks on. With very special appearances from our rockin’ producer BK (@PLaY_BK) too.

Where to begin? The first post for any new website is always a little daunting, on par with trying to pick winners in the NFL preseason (which, by the way, is a strong sign that you are falling into the “degenerate” group, where gamblers are concerned).

Steve, Pat and I had our premier show of the season last week, and to sum it up in Canadianese, she was a beauty. Pat, a longtime friend of the show as a regular analyst with DonBest.com, is moving up to full-time status this year as co-host and the Ohio-native even graced us with his presence in studio for Week 1 before retreating back to his home at the Don Best studios in Las Vegas for the rest of the season. Man, he’s a funny guy. But jokes aside, he’s gettin’ paid to help you all get paid – by giving quality information about where to lay the lumber on Sundays. Bottom line, you can’t do much better than P-Dub … oh yeah, hope you like your new nickname bro.

Nice to see the veteran of the show, Steve Rapp, returning for his 13th season on the program and that his blood pressure has returned back to normal. He is the heart and soul of the program, and his tried-and-tested formulas for making winning picks will be heard at least once or twice on the show and in these musings over the course of the year. His latest favourite came courtesy of Don Best linesmaker Kenny White, who suggested taking the points when the dog has the better overall team defense. Steve plans on making you all a few bucks this year shrewdly using that piece of advice.

Pat and I should have known better than to gang up on Steve this season, though. With not one, but TWO Bengals fans now in studio talking smack to Steve (no affiliation) and Producer BK (long suffering Jets fan) every week, Rapp had to go and ruin all our fun by picking Cincinnati to come out of the AFC this season. Based on Steve’s Super Bowl picks from a year ago, I could now just as easily see them missing the playoffs. Thanks for that, Steve-O.

As for me, Dan may no longer be “The Man” in title, but he will be when it comes to steering the show in the direction it needs to go. Smart questions, good conversation, and a few laughs mixed in for good measure. Just like sitting on your living room couch on any given Sunday. Only we’re joined weekly by a premier lineup of insiders and experts in the business – including ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Don Best’s Todd Fuhrman – both returning to the show for 2013!!!

And I’d be remiss to not offer a little shout out to BK, the man behind-the-scenes and behind the social media desk every week. He’s still clinging to hope that this year’s Jets will make the playoffs. Hate to say it, but you’re in for a long season, my friend.

Maybe even as long as Aaron Hernandez’s.

It’s going to be an epic season on “Inside the Lines” as we take the show to new levels: via radio, social media and now the web. Your comments are always welcome … tweet us @InsideLines … you might even win a little swag along the way, courtesy of Under Armour.

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  1. Let me be the first to leave a comment and welcome everybody to the site. I hope you will find this site to be a good addition to the information we provide you across the country on a weekly basis on Inside the Lines. The Countries premiere wagering show for the past 13 years.

    We want you comments, suggestions and picks. Post your picks here or tweet us @insidelines We want you as part of our show. Get involved and let’s make this a winning season for all.


  2. U guys are awesome. Thank you for all u. Guys do

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