About Us


Steve Rapp – Show’s Creator and Co-Host

Thirteen must be Steve’s lucky number.  Because it was 13 years ago that the man affectionately known as “HouseMoney” (@housemoney44) launched a radio program in Toronto that has since grown into the premier sports betting show heard nationally on Sundays in seven major markets across Canada.

What makes Steve – and the show – such a success for all these years?  It’s a simple recipe; betting knowledge that comes from working for nearly two decades in the gaming industry, the desire to educate listeners with great guests and information, and a knack for picking the winners.

It’s all in day’s work, when you’re playing with HouseMoney.

Dan Berlin – Co-Host

Now in his second year on “Inside the Lines”, Dan (@Dan_Berlin) brings fifteen years of experience working in sports media and a lifetime of being a true sports junkie to the airwaves every week.

Dan worked largely behind-the-scenes during a decades’ work as a producer and editor at Sportsnet, before making the move to radio.  His passion for sports and football?  That started at an early age, when he was grounded at age 7 for silently staying up past midnight to watch a Monday Night Football game.

Undeterred, Dan turned his passion into profession, which led him to Super Bowl’s XLII and XLIII as a producer, blogger and reporter.  And it also led to a chance encounter with Steve Rapp around that time.

You see, Steve and Bet365.net also sponsor “Beerfest,” which happens to embody Dan’s other great passion in life.  When HouseMoney, brandishing free VIP passes to the annual piss-up, came to Sportsnet to audition for Dan’s new betting TV segment, Berlin knew a good thing when he saw it.  And Rapp wasn’t bad during the audition either.

That was almost 10 years ago and the good times are still flowing every Sunday morning on the air.

Pat Williams – Co-Host

“PW” brings over 20 years of media and marketing experience to our team. His vision and production work in the 4 billion dollar sports-gaming arena has garnered international attention. While producing ProLine, which aired on the USA Network, Pat gained valuable experience behind the camera and also hosted the show for its final two seasons. He then partnered with Big Stick Media to launch Don Best TV where he creates and produces original sports-gaming content currently being viewed worldwide.

Pat’s full time gig as the Senior Producer at Don Best Sports (www.DonBest.com) provides him daily access to some the sharpest minds in the sports betting industry and real-time information as it becomes “bet-worthy”.

Pat was a popular guest analyst on Inside the Lines for the last 3 seasons…we liked him, he liked us…so here he is! You can also follow him on Twitter at @PatWilliamsLV.

Brian Kowlessar – Producer

Super Producer! Probably the BEST one you’ve ever met. You can find me patrolling Inside The Lines on our Twitter (@InsideLines) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/InsideTheLinesPresentedByBet365net).
The youngest of the group… I can still hold my own, meaning… I GOT WINNERS! You might not agree with my New York Jets pick every week but you’ll damn sure be happy with the show we put together. You can find Me behind the scenes on Inside The Lines EVERY Sunday @ 10:00AM ET on the Inside The Lines Radio Network.